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January, 2014
Dear Customers & Friends,
Once again, we thank all of our customers and friends for their continued support. We greatly appreciate
your business and will do our very best to continue serving your fly fishing, fly tying and rod building needs!
We are continuing our customers’ favorite request for FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders of $35 or more!
We know you like the savings.
In our rodbuilding lineup, our Hook & Hackle “X” series are now our #1
selling blanks and they’re being built and fished all around the globe! Our
“Xi” series leads the pack followed by our “FTX” (Fast Tip) and “XE” (our
more conventional series).
• Our flagship blank, the XEN, designed and manufactured by Gary
Loomis at his North Forks Composites facility, enjoys excellent re-
views from everyone who fishes it. Made in the USA, we challenge
you to find a better casting or more powerful fly blank built by any-
one, anywhere in the world!!
• Our 10’ Czech Nymph “Xi” blanks remain very popular and we will
continue their production for 2014.
• We’re expanding our line of no-nonsense blanks for custom builders, with blanks unmarked, so
builders can resell the finished rods under their own company’s label. For 2014, we’ll offer a 7’6”
4-weight, 9’ 5-weight and 9’ 8-weight.
• Also new for 2014, we carry the full line of Temple Forks Outfitters (TFO) blanks and components!
For those who don’t know, we carry Project Healing Waters
logo items for sale. Show your support by proudly wearing
one of their shirts and hats. Turn to page 78 for more infor-
mation about PHW and their logo products. Proceeds directly
benefit the Project Healing Waters program.
In fly tying, we’ve loads of new products:
• Our UV Cure Head Cement from Solarez has become
one of our very best selling products for fly tying, and
we’ve added a 2 ounce bottle for “power” tyers. I believe
this is an absolute “must have” product for the fly tyer.
And, by the way, our UV package costs less than 1/2 what
similar products sell for.
• We’ve added the Nor Vise Fly Tying System. If you
don’t know what it is, take a look on page 34. I love using
mine. It’s fun, fast and very, very cool!
• Diiachi hooks are also new for 2014!
• In fly tying, new materials include EP Fibers, Loco Foam, New Age Krinkle Flash, barred Zonker
strips, Veevus Gel Spun threads, Danville monofilament, and so on ....
We sincerely thank you for all your support throughout 2013. As always, feel free to call Russ, Eric, Terry or
me for assistance, or just to share a good fishing story. Looking forward to 2014!
Tight lines,
Wilderness North, one
of my favorite outfit-
ters, offers their en-
dorsement of
H&H products
and you find
these desig-
nated by this
seal.
page 79.
As you look through our 2014 catalog,
take note of our “Tips” by
. (They’ll be in a box like this
one.) He’s a 14 year old ninth grader
fromThomasville, GA, who has em-
barked on a project to catch a fish on
a fly in all 50 United States, dubbed
Among his goals are at-
tracting more youths to fly fishing and
raising awareness of conservation issues.
Christopher’s an outstanding young
man and we know you’ll want to follow
his progress with us on the H&H site!
Stay tuned!
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