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El Pescador &Catch more Fish
ook & Hackle customers catch more fish! “How is that” you ask? “How can that be?” “What
proof do you have?”
ell, actually, we have lots of proof and the answers are simple. You see, our customers specialize in
fishing, not just bull****ing about fishing. Our customers know that a new $1,000 rod, $700 reel
and $100 fly line will not help them catch more fish. Our customers know that tying their own flies and/
or building their own fly rod actually makes them better fishermen. It’s the connectedness to the fish and
the fishing that helps them catch more.
nd, our customers enjoy fishing more! “How is that,” you ask? “How can that be?” “What proof
do you have?”
gain, we have lots of proof and the answers are again simple. Hook & Hackle customers don’t have
the frustration of wondering why their new $1,000 rod, $700 reel and $100 fly line failed them on yet
another fishing expedition. If they’re not catching fish, they actually think about why that’s so, instead
of spending a fortune on new equipment that is apt to fail them .... once again! Our customers know or
learn how to catch fish, instead of just spending money.
f course, we’re also glad to sell you a $1,000 rod, $700 reel and $100 fly line, but our customers know
that it is “they” who make the fishing better, not the equipment! If you’re fortunate enough to be
able to purchase an outstanding finished rod and reel, and we’d strongly recommend Hardy/greys, we
know that you will appreciate the fine works of art and engineering ... and that appreciation will help you
catch more fish. It’s that simple ... it really is!
o, what are you going to do with all the money you save by making your own rods and flies? Well,
believe it or not, we have a good suggestion:
e urge you to consider a trip to El Pescador, an outstanding fly fishing resort on Ambergris Caye
in Belize. my wife, Carolyn, and I visited there
last August, which was our first experience for bonefish-
ing. And bonefishing we did and bonefish we caught ... too
many to count. But the best part was the overall experi-
ence of life at El Pescador. Food: outstanding! Accomo-
dations: perfect! Fishing guides: excellent! Staff: won-
derful! Oh .... and did I mention the food?
f course, we went to catch fish. But in the meantime,
good food, staff, snorkeling, touring and so on, were
bonuses we did not expect. We even made new friends
with whom we hope to vacation
there again! So check them out
at or call
them at 800-242-2017 to get
your adventure started.
y the way, I had my first
experience tarpon fishing too! Hunting the Big One
may be challenging, but in our quest to serve fly fisher-
men internationally, we’ll stop at nothing!
As you can see,
fishing for tarpon
was exhausting...
but I was able to