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Wrapping Guides
There are several methods of wrapping guides.
One simple way to wrap is to place the thread-
spool in a cup and set the cup behind a
chair. Run the thread up and over
the chair seat and sit down on the
thread. This will maintain con-
stant tension on the thread while
wrapping. Rest the rod hori-
zontally on your thighs when
wrapping. Wrap individual sec-
tions separately except when
wrapping near a ferrule. Another
chair can be used to support the
rod butt, if`necessary.
When wrapping double foot
guides, the direction
of the wrap should be
toward the center of the
Begin by drap-
ing the thread
over the rod. Bring
the loose end around
the rod in the direction you
want to wrap. Apply pres-
sure with your index finger as
shown to main-
tain tension.
Cross the thread over itself.
Turn the rod until the thread crosses
itself a second time. Note how the
index finger rolls down the rod to maintain
tension. Release finger
pressure; thread ten-
sion should remain
Continue turning
Continue wrapping up onto the
guide foot. If the guide foot is tem-
porarily attached with tape, remove the
tape after the guide foot is secured with a
few wraps.
about six wraps, maintaining consistent tension
on the thread. Closely trim the loose end with a
thread clipper.