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January, 2013
Dear Customers & Friends,
We sincerely thank you for your support during 2012.
We greatly appreciate your business and will do our very
best to continue serving your fly fishing, fly tying and rod building needs! Our big news is FREE SHIPPING on domes-
tic orders of $35 or more! We know you’ll enjoy the savings.
We continue to expand Hook & Hackle brand , as you’ve made it clear that what you want to see from us are more
and more Hook & Hackle brand products, especially in our rodbuilding lineup:
You’ll find a new XEN 9’ 4-piece 5 weight with a faster taper, for those who have been requesting a ‘fast’
To our “Xi” Series, which has become our best selling fly blank, we’ve added a 9’ 4-piece 8 weight for salm-
on, steelhead and saltwater.
Our “Xi” 10’ Czech nymph blanks were new in the middle of 2012, and continue to be one of our top sellers.
Our XE brand has been redesigned for 2013 featuring a classic style blank that is sure to be a joy to cast for
beginners as well as seasoned anglers who don’t enjoy casting faster tapers. We call it our “Stream” series too,
and it has been a favorite of mine for many years. In fact, the blank from the XE is what I fish most often for
Lastly, we greatly expanded the availability of Batson’s line of cork grips, reel seats and guides. This is in ad-
dition to our complete list of their outstanding blanks: Forecast and Rainshadow.
You also asked for particular ‘famous name’ fishing products that we’re delighted to include for 2013:
We now offer the most popular Dr. Slick fly tying tools and streamside accessory tools. This includes Dr.
Slick tool gift sets, for both the tyer and the stream.
Rio lines, leaders and tippet have been added and are sure to be popular.
All TFO products are now available through Hook & Hackle.
All Hardy & Greys products are also available.
We’re also offering Seaguar “Grand Max” fluorocarbon tippet.
In fly tying, we’ve loads of new products:
We’re excited about offering UV Cure Head Cement from Solarez. I believe this is an absolute “must have”
product for the fly tyer. And, by the way, our UV package costs less than 1/2 what similar products sell for.
We’ve added the Danvise, a lightweight, reasonably priced vise perfect for travel. It’s under $100, too!
Our line of Mustad “Signature” hooks has been expanded to include
most every fly hook they manufacture. Be sure to take a look at their
hooks. I’ve included suggested descriptions of what they’re used for, so
that beginners as well as seasoned tyers would have an easier time choos-
ing which hook is right for their needs. These are known as the most
Dependable Hooks on Earth,” and they’re reasonably priced as well!
For fly tying materials, there are too many new products to list here,
but I’ll name just a few to give you an idea: Gel Spun thread, 30 color dub-
bing dispensers, Skin Case materials, “Select” Craft Fur, UV Flash, Holo-
graphic Flash Blends, Teal Flanks, Dyed Amherst Pheasant Tippets & Tails,
LED fly tying light with magnifier, and so on ....
Again, we thank you for all your business and consideration throughout 2012. As always, feel free to call Russ, Eric,
Terry or me for assistance, or just to share a good fishing story. We’re going to make 2013 our best year ever!
Tight lines,
You’ll find some
great ideas, tips and
fishing “quotes” scat-
tered throughout the
catalog in boxes like
this one!
The artwork on our cover is by Peter
Trout) Thompson. Read page 79 for more
information about his talent.
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